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What is List for Sale?

List for Sale (LFS) with Afternic is a way to put your domains to work and earn some money along the way. If you have domains in your account you aren't actively using, or don't plan to use at all, you can list them for sale. GoDaddy's List for Sale service puts your domain listing on Afternic partner sites for registration.

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What is Afternic?

Afternic is a GoDaddy company and the world's largest domain marketplace. Listing with Afternic includes your domain in search results on over 120 top registrars and reseller websites collectively. Domain names get exposure through our reseller network with over 75 million monthly search queries reaching prospective buyers worldwide.

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What extensions are supported?

We support the most common extensions including .com, .net, .org, .info, .edu, .gov, and dozens of others.

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What are your commission rates?

When the domain is sold, the seller pays a commission to GoDaddy. The commission rate is dependent on where the domain’s nameservers are pointed to at the time of sale (US$15 minimum).

  • Domains using GoDaddy brand aftermarket nameservers that point to a GoDaddy For Sale Lander: Reduced flat, 15% commission rate
    • Domains not using GoDaddy brand aftermarket nameservers: Standard flat, 25% commission rate

    GoDaddy brand aftermarket nameservers will end with the following:


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    How do I price my domains?

    Pick your own price, or use our suggested price when listing your domain. The estimated price is determined by our GoValue domain valuation tool. GoValue uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide an estimated valuation for your domain names.

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    What are List and Floor prices?

    • List Price: Also known as the Buy Now price, this is the price a buyer sees on the Afternic network of registrar and reseller sites. Avoid setting this too high, or buyers may turn away and choose a less expensive name. Buy Now prices are binding.
    • Floor Price: This is the amount your Afternic sales executive can negotiate to, if necessary, to close the sale without contacting you for approval. Buyers do not see this price. We recommend setting the floor price 20% – 30% less than your Buy Now price. Floor Prices are binding.

    Learn more pricing tips and tricks with our guide video.

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    What payment methods are supported?

    You may choose to accept an ACH, eCheck, PayPal or Wire Transfer from Afternic for your domain sales. Minimum earnings are required and payment fees apply. Make sure to complete your payee profile to avoid delays in processing your disbursement.

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    What happens after I list my domain?

    After you list your domain, there's nothing additional you need to do. You can view your currently listed domains at any time, but remember — domain names can take some time to sell. If there is any interest in your domain from buyers around the world, an Afternic sales executive will reach out to you and facilitate the negotiation at no additional cost.

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    What happens after my domain sells?

    Once your domain is sold, the Afternic Transaction Assurance process will securely transfer the domain to the buyer and you'll receive payment, after commission fees. Make sure you complete your payee profile to avoid delays in processing your disbursement.

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    How do transfers work?

    Eligible domain listings are automatically opted into Fast Transfer at the end of the transfer lock period. Fast Transfer is an automated process that transfers the sold domain from the seller account to the buyer account, regardless of registrar. Once your domain sells, Afternic’s Domain Fulfillment team ensures the domain is transferred to the buyer’s account and the funds are securely transferred to your preferred payment method designated on Afternic.

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    Note: Domains are not eligible for transfer to another registrar if they are within 60 days of registration or a previous transfer, or if a customer opted-in to apply a 60-day transfer lock after a Change of Registrant.

    Who can I contact for further assistance?

    Still have questions? Afternic Support is here to help.

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