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Using the Workspace Email Homepage

For customers using Classic view, you can use the Homepage to view new messages and upcoming Calendar events, search for a domain or read your favorite RSS feed. You can add the following widgets to help you manage your accounts, check the weather, keep up with news and more.

Widget Description
New Messages Displays a list of your unread messages.
Calendar Displays dates and events in your calendar. If you do not have a calendar, you can purchase one by clicking Add a Personal Calendar.
Online Storage Allows you to manage your Online Storage. If you do not have an Online Storage account, you can purchase one by clicking Add Online Storage.
Domain Search Search for available domains.
Bob Parsons TV Displays video blogs from Bob Parsons on company news and more.
What's New Displays a list of new updates to Web-Based Email.
The Weather Channel® Displays your local weather forecast.
Top Stories by Feedzilla Lists popular news stories right on your Homepage.
Life Style News by Feedzilla Updates your Homepage with the latest Life Style stories.
Sports by Feedzilla Receive updates on sports news straight from your Homepage.
Technology News by Feedzilla Displays articles about the latest developments with this Technology feed.
Internet News by Feedzilla Displays the most popular Internet-related news stories.

Related steps

Set the Homepage as your start page

  1. Log in to Web-Based Email.
  2. Click Homepage.
  3. Select Set as start page.

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