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WordPress Help

Install a WordPress theme with FTP

You may need to install a WordPress theme through FTP. This option is useful for large or custom themes. You can use any FTP client app, but these steps describe installation with FileZilla.

  1. Download the theme .zip file.
  2. Connect to your hosting with FTP.
  3. In the Remote site section, find the folder with your WordPress site.
  4. Navigate to the /wp-content/themes folder.
  5. In the Local site section, find the theme .zip file on your local computer.
  6. Drag and drop the theme file from the Local site section to the Remote site section.
  7. Unzip the theme file.
  8. Note: If you can't unzip the file on your hosting account, you need to unzip the file on your local computer and then upload the unzipped folder of files.

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