Forwarding email

The term forwarding email can include a lot of different ideas. For example, you might want to forward your Gmail email to your new GoDaddy email account. Or the complete opposite; maybe you want to automatically forward all your new GoDaddy business email, to your trusty Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account. There are also entire accounts, just for forwarding email. How you do any of this depends on which email service you have, and how you want the forwarding email to behave.

Office 365 Email

What do you want to do? How to do it
Have all incoming email to your Office 365 address, forwarded to another inbox. Set up forwarding your Office 365 email.
Have all your other email forwarded to your Office 365 address. About forwarding your outside email, to your Office 365 inbox.

Workspace Email

What do you want to do? Notes How to do it
Set up an entire email account, only for forwarding emails. No emails get stored at this address; anything coming in gets automatically forwarded on to another address. Set up a forwarding email account.
Have copies of your incoming email forwarded on to another inbox. All the mail that is received by the first address is still kept, but a copy is also forwarded on to the other address. Forward copies of incoming email to another inbox.
Forward individual emails as an attachment. This is on a manual basis, when you want to send an email or a group of emails, as an attachment in another email. How to forward emails as attachments in:

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