Buy rates

As a Wild West® Domains API Reseller, you can sell domain names and related products at the best prices.

Our low buy rates let you maximize your profits. In case you aren't familiar, buy rates are wholesale prices for the products or services you sell.

API Reseller Buy Rates
.biz $12.99
.br (, $42.99
.bz (, $39.99
.co $24.99
.com $8.29
.es $7.19
.in (,,,,, $6.99
.info $9.49
.me $16.99
.mobi $11.99
.mx ( $19.99
.net $8.99
.org $9.99
.tv $24.99
.us $7.29
.ws $22.99

For more information about buy rates, refer to the Products Pricing section of API Reseller Extranet, or contact API Reseller Support at (480) 505-8857.

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